Ph.D Sun Yung

NovaIntermed Symposium - Nexcelom Bioscience LTD., London, UK

Sun Young

European Senior Field Application Scientist at Nexcelom Bioscience

Sun is one of Nexcelom Bioscience’s Field Application Scientists. His life science research background includes more than a decade of practical laboratory experience across academia and industry, with particular focus on pluripotent stem cell research and differentiation into haematopoietic, hepatic, cardiac, and neural cell lineages.

Inspired by the rapid progress of the Human Genome Project in the 1990’s and the potential of unlocking the secrets of our genes, led Sun to the exciting pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Genetics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His love of programming and biological computational analysis meant that a Masters in Bioinformatics naturally followed. A customised genomic focused investigation into the identification of essential gene pathways required for the efficient haematopoietic differentiation earnt Sun his PhD in the field of Stem Cells Biology.

Ph.D Sun Yung