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The agenda of the 3rd Edition of the OncoHub Conference is structured in:
- 4 HUBs,
- 4 Round Tables,
- 2 Poster Sessions,
- 1 Speed Talks Session
- 1 Award Session

Discover below our HUBs and their assigned topics as well as our proposed Round Tables:

HUB1: Prevention & Diagnostic
      Topic 1.1: Cancer Prevention and Screening
      Topic 1.2: Modern Diagnostic Strategies
      Topic 1.3: Discovery of new screening and diagnostic tools

HUB2: Innovation & Digitalization
       Topic 2.1: Medical Innovation and Technologies     
       Topic 2.2: Impact of Digitalization on Medical Care
       Topic 2.3: Development of modern technologies

HUB3: Therapy & Surgery
       Topic 3.1: Clinical Oncology             
       Topic 3.2: Oncologic Surgery
       Topic 3.3: Research on novel therapeutic approaches

HUB4: Rehab & Patients
       Topic 4.1: Rehab and Multidisciplinary Support                    
       Topic 4.
2: Patients Advocacy and Psychological Support

Round Table 1: Role of Tumor Board in Neuroendocrine Tumors Approach
Round Table 2: Digitalization of the Biomedical System in the Romanian Medical Landscape
Round Table 3: Translation of Research Developments into Clinics


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