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1st OncoHub Preconference Workshop Event

This year, we are delighted to offer a one-day pre-conference event consisting of a full day of workshops designed to show how physicians and researchers could work together to bridge the gap between basic science and patients' needs. 

In this view, we offer the following 4 main classes organized in 2 routes:

Class 1:  AI-Based Contouring Software for Radiotherapy  (powered by SYNAPTIQ)
Class 2: Oncologic Surgery (powered by OpTeam)
Class 3: Tumor Dissociation and TILs Characterization by Flow Cytometry (powered by NovaIntermed &                 Miltenyi Biotec)
Class 4: Immune Status Evaluation using DuraClone Technology (powered by Beckman Coulter &                             Medist Life Science)

Route 1 (GROUP 1) - includes Classes 1,3 &4
Route 2 (GROUP 2) - includes Classes 2,3 &4

One scholar must choose one route at enrollment time.

Participation in the workshop is possible only after enrollment and is not included in the conference subscription. Participation to the workshop will be awarded with extra EMC credits (more details TBA)

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This pre-conference event is powered by our partners: 

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Workshop Agenda :

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