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Prof. MD Ph.D Cornelia Nițipir

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, RO & Elias Emergency University Hospital, Bucharest, RO

Cornelia Nițipir, MD, PhD, is a graduate of University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF)“Carol Davila” of Bucharest. She is the Head of the Oncology department since 2008 and also practices oncology at “Elias” Emergency University Hospital in Bucharest. She is specialised in medical oncology, radiotherapy and paliative care, with competencies in general echography and breast imaging.
Cornelia Nițipir is an active lecturer and PhD supervisor as a Professor, as part of the Oncology Department of UMF “Carol Davila”. She invests considerable amounts of energy and time in her academic endeavours, ensuring that not only information is passed down to students and medical residents, but also knowledge and passion in the field of oncology. Apart from treating patients as part of the medical practice, she is involved in academic activities that range from publishing reports and articles on advancements in the field of oncology or patient care to leading medical residency programmes. She is a frequent speaker at national and international workshops, masterclasses or scientific events approaching topics like cancer management, advancements in the understanding of cancer, clinical trials, treatment types and correlations or improving patient quality of life.
As Bucharest has a buzzing social life, she attends various informal or professional events with peers and adjacent-specialised professionals.
Cornelia Nitipir is a rounded medical professional that unites multiple specialties to complement her main medical oncology activity, conveying both certainty, precision and empathy to medical peers and patients alike. To be working alongside her or getting to knowing her is a privilege and one cannot avoid the contagious curiosity and inspiration that she puts forward.

Prof. MD Ph.D Cornelia Nițipir
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